Microsoft Rushes Patch To Fix Gaff From Last Week’s Updates

Posted on Posted in Updates & Patches, Windows 10

This week, Microsoft released another update. Unknowingly, last week’s Patch Tuesday included a flaw that prevented some users from being able to get an IP address. This rendering their machines unable to get online, for home and small business users.

The update that caused the problem was the December 9 update KB3201845. Microsoft’s support site has a banner up saying if user’s have problems to restart their PCs, not a shut down and cold boot.

The release notes say that it fixed a problem with the Connected Devices Platform Service that prevented PCs from obtaining an Internet Protocol address. Without an IP address a computer cannot get on any IP based networks, such as your home wireless network, small office workgroup and the Internet itself.

If you are having problems with getting online with your Windows 10 PC, we are here to help you. If you can get online from another PC, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog and download KB3206632. If you have to, you can use a smartphone or tablet & then transfer the file to your PC. As a last resort, you can call us or your favorite, local computer geek and get back up and running that way.